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Workplan overview

The work will start soon after the groups have been formed. It will consist of a preparation phase before the conference and of the work during the conference week. Each group will be led on a daily basis by the group leader, who will keep the contact with the participants through e-mail before the conference. The topics and the main research aims of the groups are determined and supervised by the respective group mentors. Group members can freely contact either the leader or the mentor, who will be happy to collaborate with the group members.

Preparation phase. Coordinated by the group leaders, the groups will work on the scientific content of the work, the main aims, the questions, etc.

The common aim of all groups is to perform a small survey of the given Software Engineering topic by interviewing conference participants and researching the field (specific aims are listed on the group pages). The survey will be performed by determining a list of relevant (sometimes controversial) questions, which will then be discussed with the conference participants. The survey will be supported by an online system, making the evaluation more automatic. Furthermore, any other conference participant can access these online questions during the conference, hence providing more base data.

Conference: Monday. The kick off meeting of the groups with the mentors and group leaders will take place on Monday afternoon after the Doctoral Symposium program. Here, the mentors will briefly overview the topic, and the leaders will outline the work plan. A social program is planned for Monday evening.

Conference: Tuesday. Students will attend Technical Briefings, and at the end of the day there will be the first work meeting organized for each group separately, where the research agenda will be finalized for the rest of the week.

Conference: Wednesday-Thursday. The surveying of the conference participants will take place, along with any further offline research. The groups will work closely with their leaders having at least one briefing each day. Different social programs are planned for these days too.

Conference: Friday. On the last day of the conference there will be the final presentation of the results by the groups before the closing session. So, the preparation of the presentation should start at the end of Thursday and continue on Friday morning. The presentation will consist of two parts: a more formal but very short overview of the results of each group in the form of a plenary presentation, and an exhibition-like presentation separately by each group for the interested audience. Finally, on the closing session the awards for the best PWG group will be presented.

Also, take a look at the main conference program for additional details about the activity times and places.

Please follow your group's page frequently! The page contains important information, which will determine the groups' work. Most pages contain at least the following information: Context, Aim, Method, Survey questions, Literature, Link to the online survey, Forum.

In the preparation phase it will be updated daily. Also take advantage of using the Forum for instant communication with fellow members, which is provided for each group.

For specific questions to your group contact your leader, and for any general questions regarding the PhD Working Groups initiative contact the PWG Chair Árpád Beszédes.

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