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Social programs

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Monday evening: 'ad-hoc' bar visiting

This evening we will go to the pub Nyugi kávézó (its webpage is in Hungarian, but you may find some nice pictures in the gallery). The pub is located in downtown, next to the conference venue. You may find a map here.

There, we will have some beer and discuss the most important topics of software engineering today ;) Besides, we will be invited to some pizza thanks to the organizers.

So lets meet at Nyugi at 8pm!

Some important facts that you should know about the nightlife in Szeged:

  • Szeged has about 160.000 inhabitants and the University has about 30.000 students and faculties. The next semester will start by September 5, so there is a quite high probability that when you enter in a bar, you will find students everywhere, particularly downtown.
  • The normal size of a beer is 0.5 liter (at some places only 0.4) (only girls drink with the smaller glass which is like 0.3l). You can ask for a draught beer saying "Egy korsó sört kérek!" (pronounce it like: Edge choir show shirt care ack!) or simply "Egy sört!" (Edge shirt!).
  • In a bar, you will pay for a beer about 300-500 HUF (1.5-2 EUR)
  • Table soccer is a popular "sport" in Szeged, don't try to beat the Hungarians ;) You will loose :P
  • Never drink too much "pálinka"! ;)
  • There is no public transportation after 11pm, so you'll probably need to walk or take a cab. The taxi should not cost you more than 2500 HUF (10 EUR)
  • Have fun!

A not-so-up-to-date, but still useful map of pubs for students can be found here.

For some further cultural tips visit here.

Tuesday: sport event (not fully decided yet, ideas are welcome here!)

PWG groups should form sporting teams and play round matches.

We have possibilities to organize matches for about 1-1.5 hour.
Matches will take place on the artificial turf of Otto Herman Student Hostel.

You can easily walk there from Hunguest Hotel Forrás in about 10-15 minutes. From Hotel Novotel and Tisza Hotel you should walk to the Szechenyi square where you can take the bus 2 and get off at the 3rd bus stop (Közép fasor). You can walk too from Szechenyi sq., on foot you will get to the field in about 20 minutes. Bus 2 is also a good choice for those who stay in Károlyi student hostel, because it stops next to the hostel. A map about the bus stops and the field can be found here.

The event will start at 19:00.

Some possibilities are:

  • playing ultimate frisbee,
    4to4 or 5to5 mixed (girls and boys can play in one team).
  • playing soccer, 5to5.

Please, don't forget to bring your favorite training clothes and shoes!

After the sport event we will relax and have fun in Napfényfürdő Aquapolis Szeged which is an exclusive bath with slides, medical bath, and outdoor swimming pool. There are 13 water slides (9 indoor and 4 outdoor) here including the 272-meter long anaconda which starts from a 30-meter high, elevator-served slide tower. The bath is located next to the Hunguest Hotel Forrás Szeged.

TIP: after you put your training clothes and shoes in your bag, double-check your baggage that you bring a swimming suit as well!

Wednesday evening: club - visiting

After the sessions of the conference and the welcome reception we will visit the "new" JATE Klub of Szeged. It is a club particularly for students of the University. PWG members may enter as a VIP guest of the club this night so you may take a closer look at the real night life of our students. Be aware, the girls of Szeged are beautiful! The club is located in downtown so you may easily get back to your hotel/hostel anytime you feel that you had enough party for this night.

Feel free to contact PWG participant Csaba Nagy for further details.