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ESEC/FSE 2011 PhD Working Groups Main Page

Welcome to the working pages of the ESEC/FSE 2011 PhD Working Groups!

The recipient of the Best PhD Working Group award is Group 1 - Bug prediction models. Congratulations!

PhD Working Groups (PWG) is a new initiative targeted towards PhD students and other young researchers, which was initiated by Professor Tibor Gyimóthy to provide a forum for young researchers who are willing to actively participate in shaping the conference program, and to offer them the possibility to meet prominent senior researchers in certain SE fields. Working groups have been formed from the registered students with the aim to conduct short surveys on different Software Engineering topics by interviewing conference participants and researching the field. The outcome of the joint work will be presented to the participants of the conference on the last day, before the closing session. The presented results will give an overview of the given topics with an emphasis on open research questions, and the current views on the topic of the research community that participated in the survey. More information about the initiative can be found on the Call for participation.

Any ESEC/FSE 2011 participant is free to follow the preparations and the work of the groups on the respective pages (accessible from the links below). You can also contribute to the work by filling out the electronic survey form which is accessible through the following link:

The survey is closed.


Group 1 - Bug prediction models
Download final presentation.

Group 2 - Test data generation
Download final presentation.

Group 3 - Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering
Download final presentation.

Group 4 - Agile software development
Download final presentation.

Group 5 - Evolution aware software testing and debugging
Download final presentation.

Group 6 - Mining software repositories
Download final presentation.

Group 7 - Data privacy in Software Engineering
Download final presentation.

Note: to access the groups' forums you must have an account for this site.

For participants:

An overview of the overall workplan can be found on this page. The topic-specific details of the groups can be found on the respective group pages above.

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